My Philosophy

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist my philosophy is to “meet my clients where they are”. Don’t quite understand what that means?  Let me explain.

Over my years in the medical field (former Nurse) I saw many people from all walks of life and belief systems seeking care for various physical problems, many of which I recognized as having an obvious emotional or spiritual component that often went unaddressed by Western Medicine.  When working with my clients I find it is absolutely essential to offer healing modalities that are congruent with their belief systems and personalities in order to achieve the best results.

To separate these things out takes away the opportunity for true healing.  For example, if you come to me with an issue and you believe in reincarnation, then I work with whichever modality best presents the opportunity for healing within that belief system.  It doesn’t matter to me what belief system you have, whether it is Christian, Atheist, Wiccan or whether you are alien abductees or feel you are from another planet.  It is simply not for me to judge but to do everything within my power to help you with the issue you present.  Many people often choose to suffer in silence and don’t seek care because they feel as if no one will understand them.  They are fearful of being put into a category and labeled.  It’s simply not fair to them and deprives them of support and care that they so desperately need.

I put aside any personal beliefs I have and “meet you where you are” because when you feel accepted and are offered a course of treatment that supports and works within your belief system  miracles can happen. If you have any questions about working with me please call me today at 727-330-7886 or CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE 20 Minute Phone Strategy Session.

As someone who was trained in Western Medicine Nursing I have a solid foundation of the Scope of Practice that a Hypnotherapist has and have referral sources for anyone who I consider not suited for hypnosis but needs more mainstream medically based assessment and treatment.

What I Do:

Healthy You Hypnosis is a company dedicated to helping people conquer their life challenges through the power of hypnosis. I offer one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, small group classes, live seminars  as well as downloadable programs that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Currently, many clients prefer to do their sessions on-line. We have several options for working with you in this way that are equally as effective as in-person sessions.

If you’re ready to try hypnosis in a serious, no-excuses kind of way, then you’re ready to work with Healthy You Hypnosis and take advantage of:

  • Medication-free and lasting relief of medical problems and life challenges that have been troubling you for years. I am a certified hypnotherapist with years of experience and have personally perfected each and every program.
  • Step-by-step customized hypnosis process that takes your specific needs and personality type into consideration. As a result, my one on one sessions and programs  work quickly and effectively.
  • Excellent customer service. I’m here to help you, not to waste your time and money. I’ll listen carefully to all you have to say and do exactly what’s right for you

How To Work With Me:

The clients of Healthy You Hypnosis are ready for a change. They are ready to do the work and reap the rewards. They are ready to try what they’ve never tried in order to get what they’ve never gotten.

Are you?

If the answer to this question is yes, CLICK HERE to schedule your free 20 minute Phone Strategy Session today!

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