May 25, 2020

Akashic Record Reading


The Akashic Records are considered to be the energetic database of every thought, feeling or action that has ever been felt or taken throughout all of time by all people.  Accessing your personal Akashic Record can be a very enlightening experience.  The records can reveal karmic debts, blockages, and harmful repeating life patterns that keep showing up in this life time preventing you from living your Divine Life.  If you can relate to any of the following statements then you would surely benefit from a full Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading.   “Why do all the guys I date turn out to be such jerks?”  “I hurt all the time and my tests are all negative. The doctor’s think I’m crazy!”  “Will I ever find a way to make the money I want?”  “Why can’t anything go right for me?”   “ I feel like a hamster on a wheel!”  “I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin”  “I don’t feel like I belong in this world”. These are just a few of the questions my clients often seek answers to and the answers are truly enlightening and life changing for most.

The Akashic Record reading is done after giving me permission to access the Akashic records on your behalf and the results of the reading are given to you over the phone during a recorded session.  Having a recording allows you to go back and listen to the reading results whenever you are feeling stuck about the changes you need to make to create your Divine Life.

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