June 26, 2017

Refund Policy


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Due to the the fact that our REWIRE5 Stop Smoking Program is a digital download and we have no way to recover the product once downloaded we have a NO REFUND policy.  The other reason for our no refund policy is this: If you purchase the product and already have the mindset that it will not work, it sets you up for failure from the beginning.  Our ultimate goal is for you to become a non-smoker so if for some reason you feel this product did not work for you we will credit the price of this program toward the cost of our 2 Session Stop Smoking Program that can be done in person or online.  In rare cases some people may just simply need one on one sessions because there might be a deeper cause for their smoking habit.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 727-330-7886 to discuss your results.

We have every confidence , not to mention tons of experience, that when you follow the simple instructions included with the REWIRE5 Stop Smoking Program , you will easily achieve your goal of becoming a Non- Smoker.

We thank you  for purchasing the REWIRE5 Stop Smoking Program and want to Congratulate you on making the decision to stop smoking!

Warm Regards,

Karen Newbery

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Owner

Healthy You Hypnosis



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