May 25, 2020

Stop Smoking

So you have decided (again) that it’s time you quit smoking.  Why now?  Are you tired of being out of breath?  Are you having to schedule your life around your cigarette breaks? Is this habit becoming too expensive?  Are your relatives begging you to quit?  Well, no matter what your reason or reasons are for wanting to quit I would like to congratulate you on taking this great step FORWARD in your life.  You are now beginning the journey to become a FOREVER non-smoker.

The way most people view themselves after they quit smoking is as an “ex smoker” which I have always found a bit strange.  After all, if we quit roller skating we don’t tell people we are ex roller skaters.  If we quit knitting we don’t refer to ourselves as ex knitters.  The point is that smoking is not and should NEVER be your identity.  That is the approach I use in helping you easily walk away from this habit (and yes, it is a habit, NOT an addiction).  I will help you understand that smoking is just simply something you made a decision to do, not who your actually are.  And it’s not as if you have to DO anything, right?  You just have to NOT DO something, which is not smoke.

I could go on and on and give you all the statistics that surround smoking versus not smoking.  I can share stories of triumph from other smokers and tout all the benefits from stopping smoking, but I am going to guess you have heard all of those things a thousand times so I will just get right to the point.  You are READY to stop smoking and I can help you make that a reality.  Period.

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