Can Hypnosis Really Help?

You’ve been in a state of hypnosis a thousand times. Lets put it to good use.

These days, it’s all about the pills. Whatever’s wrong with you – if it’s not serious enough for invasive procedures – you will get a prescription and will have to take pills.

Pills…and more pills to alleviate the side effects of those pills…for the rest of your life!

Western medicine is great at many things,  like life saving surgeries and advanced trauma treatment. Actually it’s the best in the world. But when it comes to prevention; when it comes to dealing with first symptoms and bad habits, western medicine fails us.

So if you:

  • Smoke and find it really difficult to quit, even though it seriously affects your health;
  • Over-eat and can’t stop, even though your body is suffering;
  • Feel chronic pain and nothing you’ve tried really helps;
  • Or if you are dealing with a vast number of life challenges that have you feeling stuck;
  • And you’re ready and willing to try something new, to put in the time and the effort and get the amazing results you deserve, then you’re in the right place.

What is hypnosis and can hypnosis sessions and recordings really help?

Hypnosis is dual state of awareness that the mind is capable of. It’s very similar to what you experience when you’re watching a great movie, for example, or reading a great book. Part of you knows that you’re just sitting on the couch, but another part of you is consumed with the plot and the characters, and experiences every single thing as if you’re truly a part of it.

It also happens when you’re traveling and you’re watching outside the window of the car, or the bus, or the plane, and you let your mind wander. Sometimes you get so lost in thought that you forget you’re just sitting there, but part of you is always aware of it.

During your sessions we are able to discover and remove the blocks in your subconscious mind that are preventing you from living your best life, in the exact way you want to live it. After removing those blocks, those  positive changes can be reinforced by listening to various  hypnosis recordings that you listen to daily. These are 15-20 minute recordings that add an additional layer to the changes you are making.

The hypnosis recording guides your mind to focus on a specific outcome or goal. This is achieved effortlessly by listening to the recordings as directed by the hypnotherapist.

How can hypnosis help your medical, spiritual and emotional problems?

We already know that the state of the mind directly affects the state of the body. It’s been proven in numerous ways, and you can clearly see it in all medical experiments involving placebo. So, when a hypnotherapist finds a way to speak directly to your subconscious and build a foundation of new beliefs about yourself and the world, it’s only natural that this will affect your body.

One of the greatest things hypnosis does is make you feel differently about certain things, and humans act primarily based on their emotions.  So when you feel differently, you act differently.  Why wait? Get started TODAY by scheduling your FREE 20 minute Phone Strategy Session.
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